Who is JV Host & Design and what do you offer?

    JV Host & Design is a local Winnipeg based company offering web hosting (providing space for websites), simple website development and design, and database design/development.

What is the mission of JV Host & Design?

    Our focus is to offer inexpensive yet reliable web-hosting, website and database solutions to those who can't afford as much such as churches and church/charity organizations.

Why choose us?

    We are a local company - supporting local companies can go a long way. Qualifications include Database Administrator Diploma and numerous years experience working with databases, and Microsoft Office products.

What makes JV Host & Design different?

    Our motto is "Keep it simple". There is a time and place for fancy and flashy websites and for some, it may be advantageous but remember, your website is your electronic business card. People are going there often to look for quick information.